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"WHAT CURRENCY IS USED FOR THE LISTINGS AND BIDS?" By default all auction listings, bidding, and commission fees are listed in USA Dollars (USD). Assume all shipping fees and other incidentals are also in USD unless specifically stated otherwise.

"WHAT IS PROXY BIDDING AND HOW DOES IT WORK?" All auctions are listed with a starting bid (where the bidding starts) and a reserve bid (the minimum amount the seller will accept). With proxy bidding, the buyer can select a maximum amount he or she is willing to pay. The system will then automatically place the lowest possible bid that will exceed the reserve price while working within the bidding increments (either default or custom). If a higher bid is entered after your proxy bid, the system will automatically bid on your behalf for the next higher bidding increment. This continues until either the next bid exceeds your maximum bid or the auction is successfully won. In all cases, the last-registered highest bid that exceeds the reserve price at auction close date will be the winner of the auction. For example, if you place a bid of $500 on an auction lot with a starting bid of $50 and a reserve price of $100, the proxy system will automatically bid $100 for you (not the full $500). If another person bids $110 on the lot, the system will automatically bid $120 on your behalf. This will keep occuring until other stop bidding or until the bidding exceeds $500 (your proxy bid).

"WHAT ARE THE FEES?" When you first create an account you will be prompted to purchase "Listing Tokens." Each token allows you to list an auction item, two tokens allows two listings, and so forth. Tokens cost U$2.00 each but if you buy five or more there is a 5% discount, purchase ten or more and receive a 10% discount. With each listing you are entitled to upload two images (max. 1 Mb each) for free but you can purchase additional picture hostings for a modest fee. Images are stored on our servers so you do not require third-party hosting for this. (Images may be resized by our administrators in cases where technical help is required.) The only other fees required are the commissions that J&M earns on each successful auction. The commission schedule is based on the final realized successful bid and is set out as follows: Up to $100 = 5%, up to $500 = 3%, up to $1000 = 2%, $1001 or more = 1%. These fees pay for the site hosting, programming, security, and arbitration if and when needed. Winning bidders pay the sellers directly. Sellers can set any payment or shipment terms desired.

"WHY SHOULD I TRUST SELLERS WITHOUT ANY HISTORY OF COMPLAINTS?" Because this site is only for coins, banknotes, tokens, medals, watches, jewelry, gemstones, stamps, covers, and related items and because every seller will be checked and verified before they are permitted to sell. Likewise, every auction listing will be reviewed before it is published. We will only be catering to serious and honest auctioneers and so have decided not to publish a rating system. On the administration site we will be tracking the history of all members and will be marking any dubious behaviors. You are always free to write to us with ANY complaints or issues. Every complaint or issue will be responded to and settled if possible. When a settlement cannot be agreed upon between the buyer and the auctioneer, then J&M will arbitrate a final and binding decision and any party who does not adhere to the decision will no longer be permitted to buy or sell on the J&M Auction website. Anyone buying or selling must have read the USER AGREEMENT during the registration process and agreed to its terms prior to the registration being tendered. There will be no appeal from the decision of J&M and no liability will attach to J&M or its agents with respect to that decision.

"IS THIS SITE FOR INDIVIDUALS ONLY OR CAN BUSINESSES PARTICIPATE?" The J&M Auction site is for everyone to use. This service is for the entire numismatic, philatelic and jewelry community at large or any gems or stamps or coins that haven't been independently graded by an accredited grading service or appraiser. There are many bogus grading services. These grading services will not be accepted as third-party graded. Anyone wishing to sell must allow at least 14 days return privileges except for bullion or related coins and bars. Anyone wishing to sell must be a professional business person with at least three years of successful history and they must be a member of a related professional association in good standing. The listing auctioneers must complete an application (click here) and will be screened before they can be approved to sell. A credit card is required to sell. Anyone can register to purchase auction items as long as they have a valid e-mail address.

"CAN GOODS BE RETURNED?" All individual lots are returnable if they are misidentified. Bulk lots can be returned within 14 days. Third-party graded, identified, or certified lots are not returnable for any reason. All lots are sold as genuine (unless otherwise stated or sold 'as is'). If the lot is declared otherwise by a competent authority or grading service, the purchase price must be refunded in full by the Seller, provided the lot is received by the Seller within 30 days from the date of the auction, or within such longer period of time as may be agreed by the Seller. All expenses incurred shall be the purchaser's responsibility, except where the lot is other than described, then the Seller shall accept responsibility as follows: (1) The actual cost of the certificate is $10.00 or less; (2) the cost of the certificate up to 5% of the sale price, with a maximum of $50.00. An expressed opinion is not grounds for the return of the lot. The lot, certificate, and certificate receipt must be sent for a full refund. Any lot, the description of which is incorrect, is returnable only within three days of receipt. However, no lot(s) may be returned for any reason unless prior written arrangements have been made with the Seller. Such lot(s) would not be returned after 45 days of the date of the auction unless written approval is granted by the Seller. All disputed lot(s) must be returned intact in the condition received. The following are not returnable for any reason: Lots from purchasers who had the opportunity to examine them before the auction; Lots containing ten or more items; Items described with defects or faults; Items on account of appearance when they are illustrated; and Lots marked 'as is.'

"WHY SHOULDN'T I JUST LIST WITH OTHER AUCTION SITES?" No one is stopping you ... but we think you'll appreciate our hands-on approach much more. We won't allow anyone to auction products that are mysterious or "unknown" while claiming a lack of knowledge so the buyer must take-a-chance. All of our auctioneers are established professionals that have been pre-screened and buyers will even have a return privilege on items that are not third-party graded. The J&M Auction Site is fast, there are no ads, and no dancing baloney.

"WHAT IF I SELL SOMETHING AND THE BIDDER DOESN'T PAY?" Unlike other auction services, J&M will verify the identity of EVERY member. We would rather not get involved in minor disputes but are here to help all parties achieve satisfaction and fair business exchanges. No system is perfect so it is possible a bidder will not come through and meet their obligation. If this happens we will try to resolve the matter as reasonably as possible. At the very least the offender will be banned forever from the J&M Auction website.

"WHAT'S STOPPING ME FROM CONTACTING A SELLER DIRECTLY?" If J&M learns of any such behavior you will be blacklisted and forbidden from all future auction transactions. Forever. The collectibles community for coins, banknotes, tokens, medals, watches, jewelry, gemstones, stamps, covers, and related items is a close-knit group and we understand that just because you auction with J&M does not mean you will never deal with other collectors. We only have issue with direct communications that go against the honest use of this service. If you are in doubt as to the ethical standards of behavior then probably you shouldn't do whatever it is that concerns you. We are long-standing members of the American Numismatic Association, The Canadian Numismatic Association, the Jewelers Association, and CAND and we will not tolerate monkey business. It's that simple.

"WHERE ARE THE 'USER AGREEMENT' AND 'PRIVACY POLICY' DOCUMENTS?" When you register your account you will be prompted to read these two documents before completing your application. If you wish to read them again or preview them before registering, just click on these links: User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

"AND JUST WHO IS J&M COIN & JEWELLERY LTD.?" If you are a North American coin collector then odds are you've done business with us. We are Western Canada's largest coin, bullion, and banknote dealer and have been in the business since 1967. Our specialty is in Canadian and Maritime Coins, Dominion and Bank of Canada banknotes, world gold and silver coins, and hobby accessories (albums, holders, capsules, loupes, magnifiers, etc.). We attend major trade shows in North America (CNA, ANA, Long Beach, Nuphilex, and more). You can learn more about us by visiting our website and online catalogue at

"WHAT IF I DON'T SEE MY QUESTION ON THIS LIST?" Please call us at 604-876-7181 (Vancouver, BC, PST Time Zone) or write us ( with any questions or comments.

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